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My First Kpop Concert Experience: BIGBANG ALIVE TOUR 2012


Last June, the promotor of Bigbang ALIVE tour 2012 has already open the ticket sale so i bought it online with a lot of effort trying hard to get into the website which was always in full capacity.

Last night the concert that i’ve been waiting for finally happened. Looking at twitter timeline where queueing already happened at 9 o’clock in the morning while the venue gate open at 6pm i was like .. my GOD. But i was just too lazy to go to the venue that early. I arrived at about 5pm, doing our online print-at-home ticket verfivied, which was kinda not easy to find the booth to do it, since it was hidden inside the crowd of people queueing, i didn’t see any ticket booth sign anywhere. So it was confusing.

The verification itself only took less than 3 minutes, they just stamped and signed the paper, and we have the ticket verified. After that we get ourself some early dinner then just sitting around waiting for the gate to open. We didn’t enter the que, cause it was too crowded and no sign of any movement.

About 6.30 we started to join the crowd, and about 7.30 we get in to the venue. at the entrance gate where our ticket barcode where being checked, there were hundreds of used mineral bottles on the ground, what a shame. I expected there will be some security checking for our belongings, since the promotor keep on asking not to bring any camera, only cellphone and cellphone-size-pocket camera allowed. But there weren’t any checking, they didn’t even check our ticket, so it was really easy to sneak in to other section. This was really a dissapointment, just because the promotor has already sold many tickets doesn’t mean you didn’t monitored the crowd flow to the correct section. I mean, why did we buy the standing ticket which was quite pricey when many people who owns tribune ticket able to get into standing area? C’mon.

The show started at 8pm, the boys in a capsule, the crowd went crazzay. Crown stick everywhere, i started jumping and dancing don’t care about other people around me .. hahahah .. the atmosphere was so dense and energetic. I took some attempts to try to go forward near the stage but i gave up, it was too crowded, hot and i’m just too short :(. In the back section i can see some of them from a distance but when i try to move forward i can only see people’s head 😐 *bummer*

There’s a bit of chaos on front row, Yong Bae keep on asking for them to stop pushing. He said they will stop playing if the audience keep on pushing. But hey, this is Jakarta, they don’t really hear your words, Yong Bae.

Yong Bae was the most talkative member last night, Seungri too while the other just not as much as them. T.O.P was such a hottie, sexy, with his glowing face and make me melted everytime he started to sing. Overall the were just so freakin perfect! a bit out of tune, missplace scenario (they called T.O.P but he didn’t showed up) were so forgivable.

The sound system were not as great as the promotor promised us. They said it would be awesome, loud and great. But in reality it was just a so so, not that loud, a bit crack on some song. Turned out that they lowered the bass level, different from 12 oct’s show. Damn. Why do we pay so much for a not maximal quality?

When i hurried for the ticket i expect it was a one day show, and it turned out i attend the second show, that was also a bummer. People said the first show was not as crowded as the second show, they can approach the stage easily and they can interact with bigbang more closer, man i’m jelous. And i’m waiting for bigbang to come back to Indonesia for another show.

“Kwon Ji Young, Dong Yong Bae, Choi Seung Hyun, Kang Daesung, Lee Seung Hyun VIP In-Do-Ne-Sia” – VIP’s Fan chant

Outside The Venue

Outside The Venue

Glowing Daesung

Glowing Daesung

Crown Stick

Crown Stick



The Band

The Band

on Haru Haru

on Haru Haru

Minutes before it started

Minutes before it started

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Liese Bubble Hair Color in Ash Brown

IMG00001-20120829-1806.jpgAccidentally found discussion about this Liese Bubble Hair Color on femaledaily while i was searching for how to get glossy hair. Ordered it online for quite pricey value compare to my usual hair dye brand, i expect the result would be outstanding.
Following the instruction (don’t worry there’s an english beside mandarin & japanese) which is not very hard to understand, the bubble-ing process only take about less than an hour process, from mixing until waiting time.

IMG00002-20120829-1807.jpgI read some reviews that complain about the foam smell, well indeed the smell is so bad but only happen when the foam just being dispense from the bottle, but when it already cover your hair the smell was not that bad. I followed the sugested wait time (30 minutes) while when i’m using the usual hair dye i have to wait for the dye to dry (about 2 hours) -_-”

So, after 30 minutes i rinse my hair with lukewarm water and shampoo it twice then put conditioner on it, then voila! my root becomes yellow. Not really like what i expect it though, but at least it’s not red.  When in direct sunlight the color becomes light brown with a touch of yellow but i  guess it is not that visibly difference from my previous hair color since none of my colleague notice that i’ve change it *another -_-“*
Compare to my previous hair dye, i definetly loves this one, easy to apply, the wait time is short, more lite than conventional hair dye. My hair is not a virgin black hair since i use to dye it a lot from black to light brown but none of the brown attempt really work, but this time it works!

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King 2 Hearts (2012)

King of 2 Hearts

The best K-drama in 2012 (so far) is definitely “King 2 Hearts“. Sanggup bikin gue penasaran sampai episode terakhir, meskipun di pertengahan agak lamban. Didukung aktor-aktor handal yang berakting pol-pol-an di serial ini makin menambah poin plus Kdrama yang dibintangi oleh Ha Ji Won ( Secret Garden, Memories in Bali) & Lee Seung Gi (My Girlfriend is Gumiho).

Awalnya gue rada underestimate si Lee Seung Gi, gak nyangka dia bisa akting beneran hihi secara imagenya kayak masih abg gitu di Gumiho & waktu bawain Strong Heart juga yang cengengesan mulu, but i guess i was wrong. He is an actor. Kalo Ha Ji Won ya udah gak diragukan lagi deh, paling keren kalo udah adegan berantem.. beeeuuh keren bener perempuan ini.

King 2 Hearts ceritanya tentang Gim Hang A, anggota militer satuan khusus Korea Utara yang terlatih untuk membunuh ketemu dengan Lee Jae Ha, adik raja Korea Selatan yang bandel, manja, ngeyel & nyebelin pada sebuah kompetisi yang mengharuskan pasukan Korea Selatan & Korea Utara bekerjasama. Diawali dengan banyak konflik karena hubungan Korut & korsel yang emang gak akur, sampai akhirnya harus menghadapi satu musuh kuat yang menguasai dunia untuk mencegah jangan sampai terjadi perang.

Tentang Loyality & Trust seorang Eun Si Gyeong (Jo Jung Suk) yang cakep itu kepada rajanya, Princess Jae Sin (lee Yoon Ji) yang tadinya remaja bandel & bebas kemudian harus mengalami kelumpuhan dan berjuang menghadapi dunia karena bantuannya Eun Si Gyeong, Ibu Suri yang menanggung penderitaan karena kehilangan anak tercinta dan melihat negaranya dijadikan boneka oleh musuh. Gak ketinggalan Eun Gyu Tae, Sekretaris kerajaan yang sanggup bekerjasama dengan musuh hanya karena sebuah album The Beatles.

Selain cerita yang bagus, aktor-aktor yang hebat serial ini juga pastinya dihiasi soundtrack yang mantap pula. Ada 미치게 보고싶은 (Missing you like crazy) – Taeyeon (SNSD) dan 사랑이 운다 – K.Will lalu satu lagi instrumental yang kerap terdengar saat adegannya Gim Hang A, 항아의 꿈.

Kenapa gue kasih bintang 3? Karena Eun Si Gyeong-nya mateeek (spoiler :p) dan ada beberapa adegan yang sadis. Gak dikasih liat sih ke-sadis-annya tapi tetep aja menuju sadis.

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